Friday, June 19, 2015

Anyone who likes enjoying weight-lifting exercise must know this unique invention of weight-lifting tool. It is PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells Elite 90. Unlike the other weight-lifting tools, this dumbbell is very effective to support muscle building and strength training. Besides, this dumbbell is cost and space efficient.

The Best Adjustable Dumbbells PowerBlock Elite 90

The Specifications

For your information, Elite 90 dumbbell from PowerBlock is an adjustable dumbbell set which is made in USA and standardized by using USA international standard. This weight-lifting tool can provide 5-90lbs per hand which is easy to adjust.

Considering that, it is fair to say that PowerBlock is a versatile but effective tool for exercise, especially at home. Unlike the other types of dumbbell for weight-lifting exercise, PowerBlock offers a set of dumbbells which act like a weight stack we often find at the gym or any fitness center.

A set of PowerBlock dumbbells can replace 28 pair of regular dumbbells. Therefore, if you purchase PowerBlock dumbbells, it will be the same for you if you purchase 28 pairs of dumbbells. Just imagine how effective PowerBlock is.

Speaking any further about this product, PowerBlock dumbbell set comes with comfortable handle. The unique handle fits inside the first weight, which fits inside the second weight, and so on. Further, it is available in square shape which eases your effort to build your muscle and reshape your body.

PowerBlock Elite 90 Set 70 Set 90 Review on The Best Adjustable Dumbbells PowerBlock Elite 90

How to Use

Even though Elite 90 dumbbell set from PowerBlock is nearly similar from the major dumbbells for weight-lifting exercise, but it does not mean that it is complicated to use. Basically, to use PowerBlock dumbbell set is very easy. It is just like when you are using regular weight-lifting portable dumbbell. To use it, you need to set the weight first.

In order to set the weight, you are required to move the weight selector pin into the appropriate slot indicating the weight you want. When you are moving the weight selector pin into appropriate slot, some PowerBlock Elite 90 dumbbells will be stacked into single dumbbell.

The single dumbbell provides the accumulation weight of some dumbbells which are gathered by weight selector pin. After setting the weight, then you can start using the portable dumbbell just like using the regular dumbbell. If you are going to reduce the weight or increase the weight of the PowerBlock dumbbell you can gather back the dumbbells on the stack then move the weight selector pin into the appropriate slot of weight.

The Price and Warranty

If we take a look at the specifications we may conclude that PowerBlock dumbbell set is very expensive. However, the reality is not that terrifying. PowerBlock dumbbell set is very affordable.

The cost you must pay for PowerBlock dumbbell set is much cheaper than the cost you pay to purchase regular dumbbell set which is mostly offered separately.

In order to bring PowerBlock portable dumbbell set to your home, you need to pay $599 only. It is a very affordable price to purchase high quality and international-grade portable dumbbell for weight-lifting exercise.

Speaking any further, PowerBlock dumbbell set is also a guaranteed product. This 16 x 6 x 6 inches dumbbell set gets 10 years limited warranty.

Considering that, if you feel unsatisfied with the product or the product you purchase is broken easily, you can complain it. But, to tell you the truth, since PowerBlock Elite 90 is made of high quality materials, such as steel and metal alloy, it is quite impossible for this product to get broken easily. The whole materials involved are standardized and qualified.